Friday, June 19, 2009


I Have Cigarettes Again!

Let's hear it for

the law of attraction!

As I am typing this blog post, I now have cigarettes again!

I have to say that this can only be the law of attraction at work!

I checked my Paypal account just like I do everyday and lo and behold someone sent me a payment! I couldn't believe it but guess what? When I saw that payment, my butt was out the door! No matter that it was after midnight because as soon as I saw that payment I was out the door! I was (and still am) so, so happy!

I was able to get 4 packs of the cheaper brand of cigarettes called "Smokin Joes" and I am so grateful for that!

It just goes to show you that the law of attraction really does work! I was racking my brain with trying to manifest some more cigarettes because I was going absolutely crazy at being out of cigarettes!

But I'm happy to say that I have cigarettes again!

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